All My Posts Are About Two Spies Trio These Days

False Judas – performed by The Two Spies Trio from Brent Bowers on Vimeo.The Two Spies Trio Summer Americana Tour is now extended into the fall “FRODO! If I take one more step it’ll be the farthest away from The Shire I’ve ever been.” In two days time I travel to Lynchburg, Virginia for a […]

Hyper Artist Man & The Tour Bus Rolls On

Well, I’ve been in hyper-artist mode between Two Spies and script writing and storyboard rendering. It’s funny how often times the busier I am the more the creative vibes want to flow. I try to always let them. You knows when inspiration will come or go. I’m here for a finite time and have a lot […]

Two Spies Trio – Americana Tour 2015

Well, I’ve played many shows in many types of places with my legacy bands and acoustic collaborations over the years. If all goes as planned, in two weeks I can add grocery store to that list of venues. Ever since I heard that cute pixie of an actress, Rachael Leigh Cook utter the words, “What’s […]

Two Spies Becoming a Mainstay on the Local Circuit

If you can call Albemarles’ 3 or 4 restaurants and bars that have music at all a scene, then we are on it! Gigging all the time is great. The only downside is that I really have to scrape to find sufficient practice time. Terry and I try to add something new for each show. […]

Making Music & Pre-Production for Music Video

Well, I’d have to say that this weekend was pretty epic. Friday night kicked it all off with a Two Spies show at the legendary Harmanco’s. This was a bigger show than we’ve done previous and our second time as a group at this establishment. We’ve expanded our covers a bit, brought up two more […]

Return to Harmancos 15 Years Later

Back In the 2000’s, I rocked Harmancos with my alt rock outfit, Absolute Zero. I was recently invited to back and perform by the new owners. I let them know that I was now in an Acoutic Duo called, Two Spies and they booked us sight unseen. Last Friday, March 27th, Terry and I gave […]

From NC With Love – Two Spies

Well what can I say about Jamie Wilburn and his new brand along with wife Jennifer, “From NC With Love?” They were awesome enough to come out and shoot some shots of me following my music passion along with my partner in crime, Terry Whittenburg. It’s a neat little slant on a photography service that […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day

I wish a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all. This year I actually got to do a St Paddy’s day themed performance along with my acoustic duo, Two Spies, albeit a few days shy of the holiday. Read on to check out the images from the day. I don’t often dress the part […]

Two Spies – The Legend Grows

What a fun Saturday! Good friends and good music! Big thanks to my buddy and probably best photographer I know, Jamie Wilburn for coming out to shoot Two Spies at the Stony Mountain Winery 3rd annual St Patrick’s Day celebration. We had a fun time and fairly solid performance in my estimation. We even added […]

Brento Whirlwind in The Thorn Tree

Last night I had a dream where I was on stage playing bass for The Vaguely Symbolic, only we were just kind of making up songs instead of playing a pre-planned set. The bass kept making strange noises. Eric asked me, “What’s up with that bass?” I told him that I had no idea but […]