If you can call Albemarles’ 3 or 4 restaurants and bars that have music at all a scene, then we are on it! Gigging all the time is great. The only downside is that I really have to scrape to find sufficient practice time. Terry and I try to add something new for each show. That’s tough when sometimes you have as many as 3 shows in 2 weeks. I’m also working hard to edit and upload videos from each performance to track our rise to domination! LOL!

We’re in another stretch where we have 2 gigs in less than two week. This time it’s Harmanco’s on the 15th and Little Tokyo Lounge on Thursday the 17th. Looks like we’ll be adding another JR Cash tune and a new Dylan song or two.

It’s a nice problem to have. I guess ole Todd was wrong. People do love ballads and emotional pop songs. Two Spies is on track to complete more gigs in a year than AZ had in it’s 20 plus year history. To boot, we get paid for most of our performances. I like it! my wife Nancee swears it’s the mandolin. According to her, chics love mandolin. I’m thinking it’s probably the broader range of covers and laid back folk Americana stylings of the originals we do. It’s one thing to hold your ground and only play original alt rock if that’s your thing, but likely you’ll spend most of your time playing in a basement somewhere. It’s so much more gratifying to get to share our new songs with audiences. I should have switched to this format 10 years ago, but then I didn’t know Terry and of course he’s a funadmental component of the Two Spies sound. I’m just glad to be hear now and having these experiences playing my music in public.