Check out some of my films below.

Take That
Probably my favorite of my own films, co-produced with Robert W. Filion. Robert serving as the cinematographer of this film obviously kicked up the overall slickness quite a bit. The incredible makeups and special practical makeup effects were handled by my old friend and former band mate, Todd A. Britt.

Note:┬áThis is the director’s cut of “Take That.” It’s actually never screened publicly though it is very close to the cut that screened at the Don Gibson Theater in Shelby NC on Halloween 2013.

Buddy Row
Here’s a slasher called, “Buddy Row,” I wrote and directed as a thank you to a couple of friends who spent a lot of their own time and money to take part in our epic lost film, “C For Chaos.” As such it was created in a style that’s not really something I’d typically go for but rather in a style that they preferred. Also it’s not my choice of final cut but all that said I think it turned out pretty well for an $800 movie.

Note: This film contains brief nudity and graphic violence. I wouldn’t show it to my kids, so don’t share it to yours.

Buddy Row from Brent Bowers on Vimeo.

My feature films with a group I used to work with years ago are available for purchase on CreateSpace or

2021 Update: Either those films never sold a single copy or JT kept all the money or to use his own words, “Lined his pockets.”. LOL.

In any case those are fun throwbacks to look at if you are interested in a film maker journey. They are in no way representative of my current level. Looks like Create Space has gone the way of the DoDo. I did check on Amazon and it looks like they have shuffled off to “out of stock land.” If you can’t see yourself living without seeing either of these films, hit me up via email and perhaps I could burn off a disk for you. I generally don’t promote those old works because one of the guys involved was frankly abusive to just about everyone else involved and I don’t like to be reminded of accepting such bad behavior within my circle.

Tales From Mutantville

Indigo Child
Here’s my first professional looking short film, Indigo Child. It’s included on the TFM DVD linked above along with Respawner you can read more about below.

Indigo Child-HD from Brent Bowers on Vimeo.

Check out my first ever attempt at directing in any way, shape or form. Respawner. There is in fact so much to say about this project I felt the need to give it it’s own page.

The Blind Eye Looks Within
My final work with the now defunct old group I don’t mention anymore. It’s a neat little post apocalyptic western featuring a cool monster created by Todd A. Britt.