Two Spies in BadinWell, I’ve been in hyper-artist mode between Two Spies and script writing and storyboard rendering. It’s funny how often times the busier I am the more the creative vibes want to flow. I try to always let them. You knows when inspiration will come or go. I’m here for a finite time and have a lot of art to make in that time.

The musical thing is going really well at the moment. I seem to have finally found the write people to forge a new body of music with and I am very very happy about that. Americana is a really honest sounding and feeling genre to work in and it kind of comes naturally to me.

Presently, The Two Spies Trio is coming up on the 3 performance of our 9 week Summer 2015 – Americana tour. So far we’ve played a show at Badin Treehouse Co in where else but Badin, NC, this weekend it was Provisions Local Market in Waxhaw and this Saturday it’s a 1 hour set at Albemarle Nutrition from 1 – 2. Following that we’ll be returning to the legendary Harmancos on September 4th for a long Friday night show. September 12 it’s Morgan’s Tavern in Stanfield which we’ve never played before, then off to Lynchburg Virginia o September 19th to play the White Hart Cafe. BTW, that’s our first out of state booking so that is pretty cool. Afterwards, more local area gigs up through Oct 9th.

Hopefully, after this flurry of shows we’ll to get back into the studio and polish off our debut record, “Following The Road.” We continued to produce new original Americana songs at the rate of about 1 every two weeks. Each song seems to be something better than the last one so that is an exciting state to be in with a band. Further out perhaps we’ll see Two Spies as a fully formed electric band. Hey, it worked out O.K. for Mr Dylan when he went electric right?TwoSpiesTrio-Provisions-TSTBnW1
Well, I’ve lost a few more lbs still but nothing super dramatic yet. I’ve been so busy with the music it’s kind of diverted me from proper exercise but frankly I plan to correct that post haste! I’m starting a new cleanse with Nancee today and those are never easy but they do kick off weigh loss in most cases. This morning it was a lemon juice and vinegar concoction. Not too bad. Let the record state that this morning my weight was at 325.5lbs. 250 is a long ways off but I will get there either before or after I begin my hiking on the AT this fall.

On that note I’ve done zero training hiking since the short jaunt with Big Daddy months ago. It’s been awfully hot and that’s starting to change now so I hope to get myself on the Morrow Mountain trails very soon.

Yesterday, I did something I haven’t done in many years. I took in a double feature at Eastgate Cinemas. I saw Sinister 2 which was good but too predictable after having seen the original, then I saw Hitman: Number 47. A decent over the top action spectacle but the story and some of the abilities of the protagonist were absolutely ridiculous. It was an ok diversion from editing Two Spies videos for a half a day. Since school started back today, the theater was practically deserted so that was kind of cool.

I’ve been making some really cool renders for the new script storyboards and part of that I kind of talked Les over at Sixus1 into building me a set piece for those to mimic the real life location of Rocky River Mini Storage. The W.I.P. Shots from Maya he has shared so far look super accurate! Very cool stuff. I should be such a geek about commissioning Poser items to be built for me when the money could have probably served the production better as part of the shooting budget, but this might not film until fall of 2016. I want to pour all the effort I can into pre-production. It’s effective at helping me make a better film and most importantly it is fun! Writing the best script in the world costs you zero. I find the indie folks often gloss through the scripting process to get to the actual shooting which the view as the fun, particularly if they are actor types. Not me. Scripting is the business where the sky is literally the limit.

In closing I’d like to share our performance of a very old spiritual tune from Saturday’s 2nd set.

Oh Mary Don’t You Weep – The Two Spies Trio at Provisions Local Market, Waxhaw NC from Brent Bowers on Vimeo.