Back In the 2000’s, I rocked Harmancos with my alt rock outfit, Absolute Zero. I was recently invited to back and perform by the new owners. I let them know that I was now in an Acoutic Duo called, Two Spies and they booked us sight unseen.

Last Friday, March 27th, Terry and I gave our first full length show as Two Spies to an appreciative crowd. At times, the places was totally full and even up until the last song around 12:15 am, there was still a small crowd.

Some of Terry’s family came out and gave some fantastic support and then plenty of the happenstance customers really seemed to like what we were laying down. It was a really fun show and I’m so glad I finally got a chance to play in the remodeled Harmancos.

They were kind enough to rebook us before we left so it looks like we will be back there on Friday, May 1st, 2015. Come check us out! Great place to get a meal and catch a show.Banner

From way back in the day.