with Late Summer
with Late Summer

Check out Brent’s latest album release on iTunes here. The record is called, “Faster,” and is BB’s first solo effort. The 10 songs represent the A to Z of his range as a song writer and touch on several genre’s. You can also get the record on CDBaby or Amazon if you so prefer.

Brent has already started work on his new album which is tentatively titled, “Statesville, NC 1969.” Some of the songs for this collection are brand new while others are just refined from the past summer’s failed project which was supposed to be produced by Gabe Nicholson. BB is no stranger to having to carry one when others fall away and this record is no exception to that. Every iteration seems to improve the overall magic of most songs. Keeping them ever present in your mind and close to your heart only makes them better. See this early rendition with Gabe on bass and drummer Paul.

I even took the occasion of recording the work tape in a restored 1950’s era home to cobble together a concept music video for the song.

Check out some cool videos from various BB musical projects or read the story behind Faster here.

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