Weekedo 003Well, I’d have to say that this weekend was pretty epic. Friday night kicked it all off with a Two Spies show at the legendary Harmanco’s. This was a bigger show than we’ve done previous and our second time as a group at this establishment. We’ve expanded our covers a bit, brought up two more original and added a bit of a light show. The lights being brand new gear meant setup took a little longer. I want to say that we start loading in around 6:15 and after an 8 – 12 show with only a few short breaks, we finally left at 2 AM. As is tradition, I pulled the media before going to bed, putting me on my pillow at 3 AM.

Now the plan for Saturday was to drop Nancee of at work and then spend the day catching up on sleep and editing video while I watched a few items for the VHS Graveyard. That was the plan. What went down was a lot different of course. I would up getting back home just in time to unload the A so Summer could take vehicle to the store to work since she had slept in, as is her custom.

I’d no more laid my head down to catch a few winks when Nancee called wanting to know if I’d take her to her favorite spot in Badin for breakfast. I asked if we could wait until noon, you know, thinking I’d catch a few winks. Noon turned into 1 pm at which point I took her out for a $40 breakfast. It was delicious but didn’t really put in my in a mood to edit.

Weekedo 001Back at the crib, I laid on the couch for maybe 30 minutes watching Game of Thrones. LOVE that show! Then it was such a nice cool sunny day, I went outside and played with my dogs, Pookie and his pup, Chappie. I went all over the lower yard picking up the rubber balls, Pookie so loves to chase and throwing them so he could ultimately loose them again. They both played but the sun had them very much in a mood to lay on the cool porch and sleep, so, I finally went back in and started editing video.

During Friday’s show, I moved the GoPro for each set so we got some good looks. The crowd wasn’t very large on this occasion, but the folks who were there were very enthusiastic. It made for good sounding video. I edit these up and post the Youtube videos on the fan page. I go to this trouble as much for us to scrutinize our own performance and improve upon it each time, as much for the fans of the music to see it when they don’t make it out to the shows. Let’s keep it real. Most people who like our FB fan page will never see a show in person so it’s important to me to share this music with them and to maintain a record of our performances.

Weekedo 023So far this year, Terry and I have played 6 shows, since February 27th. Averaging around 3 shows per month, we will have more stage miles inside of a year and a half than my last band, Absolute Zero had in it’s 20 year life span. That’s kind of crazy if you think about it.

In advance of next weekends music video shoot in SC, I’ve purchased some addons and rigging for my camera. Since Jamie Wilburn has agreed to be my cinematographer, he and his wife came by on Sunday afternoon around 2:30 to shoot some test footage for me and generally play with all the new toys, which I wound up sending home with him for the week t get used to. We also ran out to a friend’s farm and messed around with the drone which will also be involved in the shoot.

The test shots looked great and the slider bar setup worked like a charm. I’ve got big plans for that bad boy in lots of projects.

Afterwards, we drove over to the Little Tokyo Lounge to scout it as the second location for the music video shoot. Hopefully, we’ll get to that shoot in early June. I’m so thankful to have the support of Hahn and the crew to shoot the video in there. I have said it before, but the flexibility of that place and just general design makes it a cinematographers dream. It looks like it’s been 65% remodeled each time you walk in. It’s like a living interior design. I really hope to showcase it big time in this video. Finally back home, I closed out my weekend with a little more editing our concerts and a little more VHS in the vault room. Good times. I’ve got my posts scheduled for the fan pages for the week. Next weekend is going to be crazy busy so the remainder of this work week, all my spare time will be taken up getting prepped for it.

I watched a goodly portion of, “The Departed,” which I have seen many times. I realized that that film is every it as good as “The God Father,” and that is some high praise.