The Drake Equation

The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. It was first formulated by American astronomer Frank Drake in 1961 and is used to estimate the number of civilizations in the galaxy that might be capable of communicating with Earth. The equation is a […]

A Christmas To Remember

The historic 1913 Badin Inn played host to a most memorable Christmas Eve and Christmas. My granddaughter, Delilah, celebrated her third holiday with us as we cozied up in the Maple Suite on the inn’s second floor. We indulged in the time-honored tradition of decorating gingerbread cookies and watching films, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol being […]

Goodbye Bill

This is a sad post unfortunately and I typically keep this sort of thing to myself but I figured since so many of you also knew Bill and may not be aware, I should share. I was so sorry to learn that my best friend from high school, Bill Hermann, sadly passed away about a […]

The Podcast is Back

Feeling back in the creative flow has inspired me to start a personal podcast in addition to the weekly Vlog videos. It will include video which is a bit of extra work but at least it will capture my aging visage as I grow older. Ha! Check it out here. The plan is to eventually […]

Goodbye Frosty A.K.A. Mr. Handsome

I’ll post more about this when the pain subsides. Yesterday, Mr Frosty flopped down beside the car as it backed out and was tragically killed. He was without exception my favorite cat we’ve ever had. He was just the perfect pet and so incredibly beautiful. The 3 years we had him, he was just so […]

Lynn Chandler R.I.P.

Last night around 1:04 am, Lynn Chandler, my wife’s mother passed away. She was just a few months shy of her 82nd birthday. I wanted to take a brief moment to acknowledge her life and contribution to my own little family here for posterity.

North Myrtle Beach Get Away Live Blog

We arrived late on the evening of the 23rd and had a full day of beach combing, resting up, massages, eating out and Netflix on the 24th, bringing us to this, our second full day of the February 2022 North Myrtle Beach Get-Away. I’d go into greater detail but why bother when you can watch […]

BMF Plays Loafers and Legends

Our first real gig is in the books as we laid down about 2 hours of acoustic rock at Loafers and Legends in Badin last night. As fate would have I, it turned really cold that evening and the normal customers did not seem to be out in force, however at least 15 family and […]