Our first real gig is in the books as we laid down about 2 hours of acoustic rock at Loafers and Legends in Badin last night. As fate would have I, it turned really cold that evening and the normal customers did not seem to be out in force, however at least 15 family and friends came out to watch us and that was really gratifying. Speaking just for me the meal I had on our break was delicious. That place has found themselves and excellent chef I must say.

Zak brought his usual enthusiasm and energy along with 5 or 6 spectators making him my kind of band mate. When new are 100% on the same sheet of music, the sky is the limit and I think we are all ready and willing to do the work to get there.

The absolute best part of the nite was the fact that my family could be there. Mom and Summer came out and brought the light of my life, Delilah who did pretty well with all the excitement. She was bopping to the music and seemed to enjoy the food and was just generally having a great time. I like seeing that and painting those memories for her. She gets music and has paid lots of attention to music since she was an infant.

As far as the performance I’d give us a solid B+. Zak is so new with us we just haven’t had enough of those acoustic practices, but individual talent shewn through and kept us up there standards-wise. Actually, Not just that. Harrison and I spend most of our work time together working on new material or learning the DAW in my studio and tweaking that whole setup out. We have only recently turned out attention to recording. I was in good voice and Harrison as always was particularly impressive on the leads.