We arrived late on the evening of the 23rd and had a full day of beach combing, resting up, massages, eating out and Netflix on the 24th, bringing us to this, our second full day of the February 2022 North Myrtle Beach Get-Away. I’d go into greater detail but why bother when you can watch almost 30 minutes of edited video from that day here and here.

Last night I ordered our tickets for The Pirates Voyage, a show I’ve literally been wanting to see since I was a little kid. We narrowly missed it last trip down, when I waited just a little too long to order those tickets. Anyways, Mom, Nancee, Summer, Delilah and myself are all set to see the show Saturday night at the 6 PM showing and we can’t wait.

It’s 7:52 am right now and on the schedule today is a trip to the board walk, a 5 pm massage for me, then dinner at Sushi King. Somewhere in there, we will be doing a walk on the beach but so far it’s been very foggy.

Beach Life with
Brent and Nancee