Another Saturday Vocal Session

After a pair of Reflexology sessions, 1 Friday night night and 2 Saturday morning, I hopped in the new Ford Edge and headed to Faith for a short but backing vocal session at Snug /Records studio. Anytime I can get a moment in the studio it is a pleasure. This time especially so as we […]

Tuesday Night Concert Series

So this is an idea that I’ve entertained for a long time as a method to assemble and band that actually knows how to play my songs. As a singer/song writer I’ve found it difficult in the past to keep a group of musicians engaged. Nobody is getting rich on original music around these parts. […]

Back to Training

I use the term in the lightest way possible. I have began to be physically active recently as I’ve just gotten too fat over the last few months. I got the Life Fitness treadmill delivered just over a week ago and after waiting for 3 months to get that whole deal together, it was about […]

Late Summer Live Performance

After a ridiculously long work week, Saturday actually brought with it an amazing practice with the new group. After only 2 practices, already I can see such great potential for a stripped down, non-electric format. We haven’t settled on a name or a complete lineup yet, but for now I’m referring to us as, “Late […]

The Dog Days of Summer Are Here

Summer in Carolina is HOT to say the very least. Thankfully, we’ve had some rainy weather that past week or so which has brought the temp down quite a bit. At work they’ve moved us into this joint team area they call “The Bull Pen.” It’s basically an entire window row opened up with one […]

Welcome To The Working Week Again

It couldn’t have come any sooner. I had a radio show in production, post production on a music video, pre-production on another music video, 2 private web clients with work on my plate, a web series in the process of being edited and a new album in active production the same week I started a […]

The Making of Late Summer

Recording with Gabriel Nicholson at his 1950’s residence has been such a unique experience already, that I’ve decided to make a complete documentary of the process from the making and polishing of the work tapes through to the final mixed and master album. Lastly, if all goes as planned, we’ll make an actual music video. […]