The Late Summer Trio
The Late Summer Trio

Recording with Gabriel Nicholson at his 1950’s residence has been such a unique experience already, that I’ve decided to make a complete documentary of the process from the making and polishing of the work tapes through to the final mixed and master album. Lastly, if all goes as planned, we’ll make an actual music video.

Along the way as Gabriel, Paul and I prepare to play some shows in support of the album, I’ll make these little live video performances, like the one below, from neat looking spots around this amazing house.

There will also be interviews along the way to share insight into the process and how we are all working together to make this album the best it can possibly be. So far, it’s been a lot of fun and we’ve had great fellowship all being in the same frame of mind and of one accord to make, “Late Summer.” Also, it won’t be just the stuff that makes us all look good. Any good documentary needs to cover the warts and the scars that go into making our art. The things happen with ideas go wrong are just as interesting in many cases. In the clip below, we thought we would try to lip sync to a previously recorded version. That didn’t go exactly as planned.

I hope you will subscribe to the Summer fan page and follow the progress as we create new music and videos weekly for as long as it takes to make this dream of an album a reality.

A word from Gabriel Nicholson on the genesis of, “Late Summer.”