Convict Ship
Late Summer

After a ridiculously long work week, Saturday actually brought with it an amazing practice with the new group. After only 2 practices, already I can see such great potential for a stripped down, non-electric format. We haven’t settled on a name or a complete lineup yet, but for now I’m referring to us as, “Late Summer.” Also, even though there is a banjo, I don’t really consider us blue grass, though at some point we may play a little. I think this music is firmly Americana.

We will be doing a few choice covers from some yours and our favorite American songwriters. Case in point, here’s our first shot at a Bob Dylan tune called, “You Ain’t Going Nowhere.”

My driving focus is that this new group be about fun and sharing music, both ours and others in a mostly acoustic setting. I think there are more local options for playing with an all acoustic format and of course the more folkie a lineup is in these parts, it seems a larger audience you open yourselves up to. For instance my folks might even be persuaded to watch this. At least I think so.

Trio Porch Sangin
Trio Porch Sangin

It’s really quite the adjustment for me to be singing on the beat but playing after the beat with the Mandolin on these tunes. This particular instrumentation just seems to make everything so much more innocent sounding. I like that. It’s pleasant. Now if I could just stop looking at my hands. These Mandolin chords are new for me.

Many folks have told me that the song, “Arlington” from my new album Faster, is their favorite from that record. Check out this re-imagining of that song by Convict Ship. It still needs work or course, but for a first pass on the tune I thought it was kind of neat.