Have Gear Will Travel – Episode 1

Something I do pretty frequently is work as a traveling cameraman in one capcity or another. I spent more time traveling as either the sole camera man or helping out another production than I ever have in 2016. I worked the shoots and  stayed in hotels in various locale’s from Florence SC, to upper Tennessee. […]

Your Lips Kiss Well

April 21, 2017 marked the start of the first film project I’ve crewed on for a while. It’s was for a script I only had the quickest of glances at before Robert Filion brought me on, originally as Boom Mic operater, though I wound up spending more time on behind the scenes photography and all […]

Mackenzi Morris “Life In My Life” Music Video World Premier

To say that a lot of hard work went into this would be an understatement. I hope you enjoy it. Life In My Life – Mackenzi Morris from Brent Bowers on Vimeo. If you prefer Youtube… Be sure to stop by and click “Like” on the Mackenzi Morris Fan page, and tell them Brento sent […]

Life In My Life Shoot Day 2

I’d like to say that this shoot, having benefited from the first day’s shooting came off without a hitch. I’d like ot say that, but alas I cannot. This day one was another blazer. Many props and essential items got left behind and it was once again time to improvise. No worries because THAT IS […]

Making Music & Pre-Production for Music Video

Well, I’d have to say that this weekend was pretty epic. Friday night kicked it all off with a Two Spies show at the legendary Harmanco’s. This was a bigger show than we’ve done previous and our second time as a group at this establishment. We’ve expanded our covers a bit, brought up two more […]


The Respawner Pilot Respawner is really my first attempt at world building. The character was conceived along with her own universe in which her supporting characters would be fleshed out as they enthralled us with weekly or monthly adventures. Unfortunately, petty jealousy and animosity kept my film making partners from fully embracing the series and […]

Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast Episode #26 Drops Like Thor’s Hammer

I thought it worth mentioning that after over more than a year, Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast has dropped a new episode. In this one I share my film making activities from the interim and discuss a new animated film project with my friend from the Poser community, Dave Watson. The episode runs 47 minutes […]

Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast Ep1

Back in 2013 I started a little How To Make Indie Films on a Budget sort of informational show called, “Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast.” Originally, the show was hosted on Libsyn podcasting host but I found their hosting overly expensive for very little return on my efforts and investment. Eventually, I decided to host […]

Weekend Film Making, Faster Arrives and Other Randomness.

I arrived at the building this morning around 7:08. The common areas on the way up to our floor were so peaceful in anticipation of the work day throngs. It’s just such a fresh and neat time to transverse the hallways. Always makes me feel good to beat the rush. In the calm before the […]

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

Even on a quick jaunt down the street from the office to grab some tasty sushi for a late lunch break, I find inspiration in everything, the Carolina blue sky, the sculptures on the square and the old giants that seem to watch my every move. They’ve stood for nearly a century in some cases, […]