11415496_10204203461342426_3877955651215060068_oI’d like to say that this shoot, having benefited from the first day’s shooting came off without a hitch. I’d like ot say that, but alas I cannot. This day one was another blazer. Many props and essential items got left behind and it was once again time to improvise. No worries because THAT IS WHAT I DO!

I knew that as basically a one many crew, I wouldn’t be able to get every single shot I wanted, so I needed to make sure I had complete coverage. When everyone once again arrived late, I decided to shoot everyone on Green Screen just in case I need that one shot we didn’t have when all was said and done. This only took about 20 minutes so it was well worth the effort. As it turned out, the footage wasn’t need, at least not until I get bored enough to do the space opera version of this video.

We got to the location a full 2 hours later than planed which put us under a really hot directly overhead Sun. Not ideal lighting by any stretch of the imagination. I took a “this is what you have to work with” philosophy and did just that. I had the main composition for the band and the drums and vehicles were setup probably within 30 minutes. I’m thinking we shot out there for about 3 hours. I, along with every one else was very ready for the AC by the time we got to it.

Fortunately, I got enough footage in the proverbial can to complete the project. I think we wound up with some great shots indeed. Once the final video is completed, I hope to post some of the unused footage to this article. The Good Lord knows I have tons and tons of it. I’m a behind the scenes guy myself and always love seeing that stuff. So, I’ll make an effort to include it here for sure. Things like this.

I went with an old film look for all of the shots featuring the band and then a second, older film look for most of the couple shots. The idea being to use them to fill up some of wider shots like frames from memory of the story the singer is telling. I hope it works out as expected. I do love me some Retrograde plugin from Red Giant.