BBMojosI’ve been given pause lately to give some thought to how I prioritize my creative efforts and projects. I have poured so much time into and the company with it’s various projects as well as that it has been a real detriment to my training and overall fitness. I need to step back and refocus on the end game, which is of course to be healthy productive and happy. Generally both of those have been a lot of fun, but the where will they go? The windfall I had kind of expected from the inclusion of both our brand and original figure in Smith Micro’s Poser 8 never really materialized as I’d hoped it would. Mutantville still has a horror film that took up 5 years of my life, unfinished and for the time being on the shelf. I’ve let other peoples ambitions supplant my own. Life is really, really short, especially so for an artist. There are so many things I want to accomplish and just like Mrs. McCrosky said in 8th grade Home Economics, lots of opportunity costs.

In 2010 I hope to become a certified trainer, complete a new music album, make my return to competition Jiu-Jitsu and most importantly spend more time doing things with my kids.

I went to the gym last night in a really foul mood. The workout definitely helped center me and then some time alone in the ole man cave took it step further. I went to bed with the beginings of a plan to get re-focused.

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