My Short Film Project for 2012

I’ve sat on the news of this new project for some time now, waiting until the time felt right to share it with you all.

I have taken a small step back from Mutantville Productions to place a little more focus on what I want to accomplish for myself as a film maker. I’m not mad at my partners or anything like that and there is no falling out to speak of as far as I’m concerned. I’ll still assist those guys from time to time and some of them will assist me in my projects. I just couldn’t get Mutantville, as a whole, on board to produce anything I wrote. It was only logical to finally take this step out on my own for a short film project.

I have an 11 page script for a Vampire comedy I’d like to turn into a reality. Geo and Todd have agreed to help me in this endeavor and I’ll even be featuring a cast compromised primarily of Mutantville Players. Robert Filion will lens the film and I’ll direct and wear whatever other hat is necessary as we’ll be running skeleton crew. In fact, several of the actors will also have a production role. That small, tight knit, intimate group is one of the things I’m surely aiming for with this project.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think some of the recent MVP productions got a little too big and expensive. The more folks you involve, the greater chance of someone being under-utilized or coming away feeling taken for granted. I know that has happened, because actors have told me so. Why, they felt inclined to speak to me instead of the director, who knows. If I’m not directing, my hands are really tied. I can make suggestions and either they are taken or they are not. Understand that I’m not slaggin anyone here, least of all my partners. It’s just that when a project gets beyond a certain size, you either have to let go of some of the micro-management and trust someone else to do it, or it doesn’t get given the attention it deserves. On the flip side, some of us, me included, probably didn’t step up as firmly as we should have to take this or that mantle to relieve the director. I think a few of our projects really suffered from this.

The point I’m driving at here is that my new project will NOT over reach and will use it’s small size as an advantage during production.  There won’t be a dozen people sitting around, waiting for their moment. Everyone will be treated well, feed well and their time will be respected.

The project is called, “Take That.” It’s a fun, funny little romp about a formerly proud soldier who returns home to be pacified by a jealous wife and an oppressive employer.  The fan page is on the way and the cast will be announced in the very first post.

Stay tuned!

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