Friday night, I got a last minute invitation to come play with a church band out in Midland on Sunday, along with Todd. We got out there around 4:00 and practiced for about an hour on 2 songs. Church time rolled around and we played both songs pretty well. The interesting part began then. I’d imagined we’d be up for a minimum of 12 and maximum of 15 minutes, but instead the band was left in place as minister after minister took a turn at the pulpit. The message would get loud and the band would rise up, sometimes to pure rock levels. The message would get low and we’d come down to almost nothing. The keyboard would sustain chords for a while and then the band would come back. We wound up playing the ENTIRE 2.5 hour service. I was thinking, either someone is going to be bugged that we didn’t stop or else they really know how to use a band! I kept looking around for any stink face in the audience but everyone really seemed to enjoy it. As for me, it was a fun experience. The bass, in that format really controlled the feel and overall vibe. The chords were uplifting and we stretched out, by which I mean we changed things up a bit here and there. At times we played it reggae style and for a country church, I thought that must have really seemed fresh and new. Apart from Todd, I’d never played with any of these folks, but I have to say that we all seemed to come together very well. I don’t know if we’ll b invited back to do that again sometime or not, but in any case I’m glad I made it out there this time and I really enjoyed it.

Carter Bucciero

Sadly, our little buddy Carter, the cancer stricken young fellow my former band and I played the benefit, HUGS for Carter Day for, has passed this morning 1:20 am . Seeing this little trooper and the entire HUGS for Carter Day event was really moving for me and everyone there I suspect. The little guy looked like he had been through a lot, but was all smiles on the day of the event. It was great to see so many folks out there and I’m sure that to such a young child, all the fire trucks and blow up play castles & such were a real wonderment. He appeared to be having a great time. I was reminded that while people are often cruel to one another, on that day, they came together for the benefit of a child. I don’t think I’ll forget Carter or that event.

At times like this it might seem like cancer won the day. It certainly snuffed out a little light in a world that doesn’t have enough light to go around. I believe any child that dies so young is with God instantly. Carter’s suffering is over, but for his parents and loved ones, this day is as bleak as any day could ever be. Their world is cracked and I pray for their emotional well being. It doesn’t get any harder than losing a dear child. If you’d like to learn more about Carter, visit his official website.

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