After 17 years of hosting my personal website with the same provider, I recently decided it was time for a change. My relationship with my previous host, “Siteground,” located in Sofia, Bulgaria, had been excellent, and I was hesitant to make a move because I didn’t want to risk nearly 20 years worth of blog content. However, a recent discovery about Facebook’s linking policies was enough to convince me that it was time for a change.

For some unknown reason, Facebook doesn’t allow linking to sites hosted by Siteground. I presume it’s due to Bulgaria’s former association with Russia. While I understand the need for security and privacy measures, this restriction began to impact my ability to share my blog with family and friends. As someone who enjoys sharing my experiences and insights with others, this limitation was frustrating.

As fate would have it, I now have a beautiful granddaughter, Delilah, and I want to share all of her milestones and adventures with my loved ones. However, I was unable to do so effectively due to the Facebook restriction. This was the tipping point that led me to search for a new host for my personal website.

After some research, I found a new hosting provider that met my needs and transferred my site. While it was bittersweet to leave Siteground, I’m excited about the new opportunities and possibilities that come with this change. I’m now able to share my blog freely on social media, and I look forward to connecting with even more people who share my interests.

It’s also high time for a redesign of my website. While the old design served me well for many years, it’s time to refresh the look and feel of the site and make it more user-friendly. As a result, some legacy content may be missing or harder to find in the short term. I ask for your patience as I work to make the site more usable with a clean new design.

Overall, the move was a necessary step to help me achieve my goals and share my experiences with others. While it can be challenging to make a significant change like this, it’s essential to adapt to the changing digital landscape to keep up with the times. I’m excited about the future of my website and the new opportunities that lie ahead.

Lastly, thanks to, I think all the old content is still in tact and will be navigable shortly.

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