Leaving late in the day to take on the rough 3 hour drive to North Myrtle is never the way I’d prefer to make the trip, but as our stores doesn’t close until 3pm on Saturday, that’s how it all went down.

A bit of a family tradition has become the stopping at Captain D’s in Wadesborough, on the way. Usually, we kill 30 to 40 minutes in this stop but this time we decided to hit the drive through and within 15 minutes we were back on the road.

The whole focus of this, essentially 2 night and 1 day trip was to take Delilah to surprise her mom at the beach, as she was already at the North Shore Tower 1 condo our friends are kind enough to let us use. The plan was to show up unannounced for a big surprise. 

This time, we’d be staying with the granddaughter a few places down at Grand Camen. But before that knowledge was out, we knew it’s be a really mood killer for Summer and boyfriend, Patrick to think we’d be staying with them. 

The trip was uneventful, though it did rain for about half the drive. Delilah, who didn’t have a nap at all Saturday, got a little rambunctious for the last hour so. 

It takes about 3 hours of driving for me to get fatigued, but as compared to our recent trip to Bill Herman’s place in Ravenna, Ohio, it was a brief joyride. 

I was able to multitask a bit by listen to our latest bounces from the current album I’m creating with Harrison Foreman. 

In addition to that there was rounds and rounds of Jingle Bell rock, Delilah’s favorite song of the moment.

When we arrive at the Condo, after a brief stop at DG where Nancee forgot most of the things she went in for, Summer and Patrick were actually heading into the building as we pulled up. But for Nancee’s whoop of excitement, I think they’d not have noticed us. The look of pure anxiety on Summers face was hilarious. 

After a bathroom break for Delilah we got checked in a visited a restaurant next door, which was fine except that I think Delilah was the only one who was actually hungry. The place had a cool license plate theme with mounted sharks and a bear skin and the food was passable. The service was friendly which was a bonus as it very rainy and windy outside.

Summer and Patrick came over and headed to the giant indoor pool and lazy river at Grand Carmen’s. It was like a jungle in there so Nancee and I headed back to the room for a 1 hot break.

Delilah was absolutely buzzing when she got beck to the room. It took a bit to calm her down but when we did she was fast asleep. This ended evening 1.

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