Typical Illusion Well, the experience yesterday laying down a 4 song demo with Eddie Snuggs in his bombastic new recording studio was just awesome. The guys in the band seemed to really get a charge from being in such a professional and creative environment. Unlike earlier studio experiences I’ve had things were really harmonious and just seem to go so smoothly. I should be getting the cd from Eddie sometime today.

The idea is to go in an lay down new tracks as we write them from time to time. Then perhaps after 6 months or a year of playing them when we know them and really own them, at some point we’ll go in there and make the perfect recordings. With live tracing (bass, drums, vox and guitar all recorded in the same room at once) you can cover a lot of ground quickly.

So, about the new record. These songs are decidedly more pop than the Absolute Zero stuff. I think that they are generally more accessible to the standard listening audience. I’m really thankful to have 2 like minded dudes with similar influences to jam with that is for sure and for certain. The amiable chemistry really comes across on the tunes I think.

MikePrayingYesterday Mike told me that when we first discussed playing together, “You voice really scared me!”. He went on to explain that he expected me to be one of those guys that screams into the mike like some many of the younger bands do these days. I says, “Why Mike? Everyone knows that Johnny Brento is a simple song and dance man.”

We’d all really like to say a big “THANK YOU” to our friend and hence forth musical Godfather Eddie for allowing us access to his amazing studio and spending all day on our demo. You da man Eddie!

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