Easter At Ballantyne

Well, on the whole the Easter weekend at the five star Ballantyne hotel was a success, especially for Delilah and friend, Sofia. That said , five star service is not what it used to be. We actually booked out “Parkview” room months in advance and prepaid to be a better rate as Marriot club members.. […]

Badin Inn Christmas 2023

Welcome to Badin Inn Delilah and I got dropped off at the Inn about 3:00 PM on the afternoon of December 19, 2023. We got the stuff up to the Edmenster suite on the second floor. Delilah watched a bit of an Elf on The Shelf animated show on Netflix! We took some photos out […]

Why Do We Blog

Laying Our Lives Out for All to See: Motivations Behind Sharing Online In the era of oversharing, putting the most intimate aspects of our lives on public display has become commonplace. But why do some feel compelled to document details of relationships, family, health, career, and more for audiences of strangers online? The Appeal of […]

Godspeed Uncle Rayvon

The last time I saw uncle Rayvon on his feet, I slipped up behind him and put my arm around him as he and aunt Bessie were shopping at Ingles. He had no idea who was grabbing him but he turned around with a big ole smile anyways.  As Nancee was visiting one of her […]

Beach Blog Saturday February 11, 2023

Leaving late in the day to take on the rough 3 hour drive to North Myrtle is never the way I’d prefer to make the trip, but as our stores doesn’t close until 3pm on Saturday, that’s how it all went down. A bit of a family tradition has become the stopping at Captain D’s […]

New Years Weekend 2022’s Happenings

After a fun-filled Christmas weekend at Badin Inn, my wife Nancee and I decided to treat ourselves to another weekend getaway, this time near Concord Mills. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, a hotel that has a unique design with a central open column that allows you to look down to the ground floor from […]

Gaslit Again

I tell you what, I have this one acquaintance in my musical world who really is, just by his nature a gas light specialist. I’ve known him since high school and I accept who and what he is. I try to maintain a friendship with him which at times is not easy. I accept him. […]

A Spring 2019 Update

Well, it’s been a crazy year. School, a new contract, School, New CG Projects, School, Horror Con, School, finishing the album, School, 2 new live music projects, 150 clinical hours to burn off before September and you guessed it, SCHOOL. I wish had more insightful words to offer but things are crazy as I draw […]

The Last Tuesday Concert Series Launches

The Last night, along with 4 of my musical friends, I stepped on stage to kick off the 12 show series for 2019, dubbed the “Last Tuesday,” concert series. Having anyone with me always increases the energy level but having a 5 peice band, even in our formative stage as it were, was really a […]

The Work/ School Grind

The Drive

With the current configuration of work and school my Wednesday’s are really tough but my Thursday’s are absolutely brutal. Check this out. I typically get home from school Wednesday night around 11:45 PM from a day where I needed to leave the house around 8 am.  Thursday mornings I shower around 6 am and get […]