Welcome to Badin Inn

Delilah and I got dropped off at the Inn about 3:00 PM on the afternoon of December 19, 2023.

We got the stuff up to the Edmenster suite on the second floor. Delilah watched a bit of an Elf on The Shelf animated show on Netflix! We took some photos out front which included these giant Christmas tree ornaments with cotton snow and then we explored the grounds a bit.

Lee dropped off his Club Golf cart at about 5:30 so Delilah and I bundled up and drove the same route around Badin to look at the Christmas lights we usually do in the car anytime we are down here eating at Loafers. There are so many deer in town and it’s just nice to cruise these quiet streets and enjoy them. Fortunately, Lee thought to give me his cloth work gloves for Delilah. The only thing on me that was too cold was my hands. It was probably low 40’s or high 30’s.

Brisk enough to get good and cold after 10 – 15 minutes riding around, but not so cold that you didn’t warm up quick when you get inside. Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together as they say.

Ansel, Johanna and Sofia arrived at 6:13. I showed them around the Inn and some of the suites upstairs. They definitely seemed to get the appeal of such a massive, historical place as much as I do.

Nancee had not yet arrived, so the 5 of us bundled up and packed onto the golf cart for an adventurous drive around town.

I tethered my phone to the massive sound bar the PD Cart boys had fitted the Golf Cart with. Rest assured that we were spreading holiday cheer everywhere we went, blasting Jingle Bell Rock and songs like it.

The girls seemed to really like the music blasting like a dance party.  To be young and so easily entertained is truly a blessing.

I had to improvise by tying the two little girls to Johanna on the backseat with the long ends of the seat belt but they were cozy enough that they almost fell asleep by the time we got back. The girls decorated cookies, well mostly just ate cookies I guess and exchanged gifts. They got Delilah a Barbie set with a chicken coup and chickens which the girls played with for the better part of an hour. We took massive amounts of photos and video until Nancee arrived.

We decided to go to dinner at Tho’s restaurant down the street after which we all popped bs k to the Inn. Our guests freshened up and head home.

Nancee, Delilah and I hung out, had snacks and enjoyed the massive lobby living room all by ourselves until heading to bed about 11:30.

Once again this year there was a delay between waking up and the actual opening of presents. I hate to throw Nancee under the bus but it was her fault. I kept Delilah entertained with cereal for breakfast and making ornaments with some super sticky air dry clay!

Eventually, Nancee got back and loaded the presents in while I occupied the child. The presents were a hit and we got some great pics. We hung out until 1 or so then moved the party back to the house for the rest of the day.

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