Two of Us Riding Nowwhere, spending Someone’s Hard Earned Pay

Nancee and I celebrated our 18th anniversary this past Friday. My band, Absolute Zero was invited last minute to play at the American Legion 78thAnnual Stanly County Fair as the very last minute. We had 1 day to prepare a new drummer we’d been grooming for some time. Says Todd of his nephew, Lincoln is the Absolute Zero drumming equivalent of the “Kwisatz Haderach” (Shortening of the way). Breed to be our kind of drummer since Todd taught him to play from early childhood by plying him with our influences.

AZ Fair Performance

Lincoln, IMHO can be proud of his first live performance. While it wasn’t without mistakes it did in fact rock and he did not make the cardinal sin of drumming by dropping any beats. The set went off largely without a hitch and we did in fact have an appreciative crowd which is always nice. We’ve made plans to continue preparation of further shows at a later date by planning regular practices. I still think AZ has not reached its potential so that’s an exciting prospect.

Getting My Sushi On

Actually, we did our celebrating on Sunday. We made a stop at Fuji’s for lunch. Still the best darn Sushi I’ve ever had and it was amazing as always. We continued on to Huntersville and the Birkdale village. Now, I’ll day this. I like my malls indoors with AC and no smokers all over the place. So, I wasn’t a big fan of the area. They do have a very nice cinema where Liam and I played a little Time Crisis 3 and watched The Expendables 2.

We finished off the afternoon with a top at Sweet Frog, officially my favorite yogurt shop! Liam had never had it before so needless to say it was a huge hit with him.

Sweet Frog Action!

The night was capped by getting the kids ready for the first day of school which was no small task. They’ve been home schooled 2 years in Summer’s case and 1 in Liam’s so it was a big deal and they’ve yet to settle into the new schedule. We’re just really glad to have them back in the public system. I’m hopeful that their new schools will be of better quality and have better teachers than their old ones. Fingers crossed.

I’m posting this one my break. The workload is a bit crazy this week. Check back for details on the finalization of G.H.O.S.T. and pre-production work on Take That getting busier as the shoot date approaches.

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