Streebo has posted a few notes on the site about my web series, RESPAWNER. To be fair, it’s a 1 minute short film at this point. There’s been some nice buzz generated among the Mutantville Players about doing a web series in 2010 dedicated to the character I’ve created.

About The Show
“What if an undercover police officer could RESPAWN into an invincible demon with powers only limited by her imagination whenever she is murdered?”Ad3

The lovely and talented Sylvia Burris plays the lead role of Lexi Bowman, an undercover police officer with an incredible, secret super power.

Over the course of 10 or so 5 minute episodes she will face amazing super villains in a Bad guy of the week format.

I’ll be sharing more about this new project as the post production for G.H.O.S.T. draws to a close. At present this is soley a Brento project as it just sort of birthed itself organically from a 1 minute test film. If you think that this should be the next MUTANTVILLE effort, why not share your thoughts with good ole uncles Streebo and Geo Swanko. (, is no “I” in team.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the test film.

Written in 20 minutes, shot in about an hour, edited in about 6 hours, this test film (yes I know purist don’t like to hear video called “Film” sorry Streebo) was designed and created as a reel builder for Sylvia Burris, my new side kick, or rather, the person to whom I play sidekick most of the time here lately.

Sylvia, Jeremy and I worked hard on this little ditty so please leave us a comment and a rating on YouTube and subscribe to my channel.

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