Back Working on A New Record
Back Working on A New Record

Another lovely Christmas day has past and though it felt like a mini weekend break, falling on a Thursday this year, it was a welcome respite from the busy holiday hustle and bustle of the store. We’ve been blessed with far more business than ever this year at the Nutrition store. Gods blessing have been upon us without a doubt.

As of Sunday, I’ll have a month on my new treadmill and there have only been a few days when I left my 30 minutes of cardio to do a little too late in the evening where I’ve not really felt like putting it in, yet in all cases, I have been true to my commitment to do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio for a consecutive 365 days an then most days thereafter for the rest of my life. It’s long past time for a change in my life with regards to physical activity on a regular basis. As an artist often being busy doesn’t equate to actual on your feet type activity. My weight has balloned up to 325lbs or so.

Since finally getting my refurbished Life Fitness 95T Treadmill (a real beast) I’ve been able to get consistent. This is something I tried to accomplish at the gym for many years but it being across town, I basically wound up paying them a whole lot of money for nothing in return apart from continued price gouging and broken contracts. My Crossfit experience was a total bust after months X busting my butt at 5:00 am 3 days a week to the tune of $125 a month to loose a mere 5 lbs.

With the low impact treadmill routine, it’s about consistency. The pace is low and the results are more in line with the recommended 2 lbs of wight loss per week. Hey, in less than a month I’m just about down a pants size with minimal dieting.

Creatively, I’ve been working on a few fronts with regards to music, more on that later. Suffice to say I’m in a good place with music right now and have become accustomed to the idea that AZ is behind me for good and I’m only involving myself in healthy musical relationships in the future. God truly has been good, putting the right people in front of me and helping me let go of those who held me down or didn’t recognize my flow if you will. I think I’ve been blessed with a strong self image of who I am musically and when folks try to cast their own small minded concept of who I am as an artist, I slip that like and NFL Full back dodging a tackle. Praise God for this discernment.

I had an amazing Saturday. I spent them morning with my friend Justin, his wife Paige and their dog, Sparta engaged in my new favorite pass time. Driving/hiking out to some cool spot in nature and flying the drones. The weather down at the lake end of Bowers road was stunning pleasant and that place is really beautiful. I got some nice footage too.