TwoSpiesEvent2I don’t want to speak too soon but it seems that the new acoustic outfit that I’ve formed with Terry Whittenburg is working out. We are calling ourselves, “Two Spies.” Why that name? I’m glad that you asked. As recorded in the Book of Numbers, a group of 12 Israelite chieftains, one from each of the Twelve Tribes, who were dispatched by Moses to scout out the Land of Canaan for 40 days as a future home for the Israelite people, during the time the Israelites were in the desert following the Exodus from Ancient Egypt. The account is found in Numbers 13:1-33.

God had promised Abraham that there would be a Promised Land for the nations to come out of his son, Isaac. The land of Canaan which the spies were to explore was the same Promised Land. When ten of the twelve spies showed little faith in the doom and gloom report they gave about the land, they were slandering what God had promised them. They did not believe that God could help them, and the people as a whole were persuaded that it was not possible to take the land. As a result, the entire nation was made to wander in the desert for 40 years, until almost the entire generation of men had died. Joshua and Caleb were the two spies who brought back a good report and believed that God would help them succeed. They were the only men from their generation permitted to go into the Promised Land.

Update 008We have our first public performance this Friday night at Little Tokyo Lounge as part of the I don’t what number local Songwriter’s Showcase. That’s a 30 minute set to just get our toes wet. If you want to check out our full show you’ll need to make your way out to Harmanco’s on Friday March 27th where we will be performing from 8 until midnight.

I hope to be fleshing out a press kit and demoDVD for Two Spies in the near future. Thus Far I’ve shared loose practices to sort of capture the new material but, soon as the weather warms, we’ll be running our weekly practices downstairs in the newly upgraded Green Screen Studio. I’ve purchased a new light kit and flimsy as it is, it can sure make things bright. Not sure how Terry will like practicing with bright lights in his eyes but we will see.

I hope to book a show or two per month for the remainder of the winter, spring and Summer concert seasons, so hit us up on Facebook if you’d like the book the Everly Brothers of the 2000’s. LOL!

Terry is about having fun and making new music and for once I’ve found someone who seems to be on the same page as myself. Here’s hoping this one last a while. I feel like I’ve been through enough quick start/quick die band scenarios to last me a lifetime.