Well, I guess I’ve kind of been avoiding a new post for some time. No particular reason, just life in general and not really having anything to say for once. Still feels like I’m in a recovery/rediscovery mode these days. From loss, from a career change (definitely a good thing,) and from having a direction to run in I guess.

I’m probably freer now to pursue artistic endeavors than I have ever been in my life and oddly that really doesn’t feel right. I’m much more used to having to scrape a free moment here or there to work on these things I do. I’ve spent considerable time and consideration in recent years really winnowing down my circle of close friends because it felt like I needed to. I still find myself in that mode a little bit, constantly reminding myself that this or that person, even though they look and kind of act like a friend you could call if you were stranded, really may not be in that close of standing. Gosh, I guess I am growing up in that regard. No more believing people at face value when they say that want to do this or that project.

I’m finally back in church weekly and THAT really does feel right. As a complete bonus to just being around some Christians again, there is a music situation there were I get to contribute a musical offering. Just being really honest with myself and everyone else, the last two places I landed at as a church home both encouraged and then ultimately discouraged me on being church at all. You form those fast close relationships that start to matter to you only to find out that in the end they aren’t real. I just think that they whole ministry as a career is broken model and the best of intentions can turn into a self serving ideology overnight. I don’t want to hear about unchurching church or anyone man mad nonsense such as that. I go to church to hear a higher message and have the influence of good Christian folks in my life and the fellowship.

I’ve kind of got that hyper artistic mind where I really do like to have several music things going on. That’s what makes me shift into that creative zone as odd as it sounds. I am really enjoying playing music with the fellas at the church. I hope to see that group of praise musicians really bloom over time.

Brent and Tony from a Benefit Show

Musical collaborations are always a welcome thing. Sometimes they come and go faster than I would like, but I am always thankful for them and I always try to remain a true friend to those players I’ve been able to share the stage with. In 2017, I got to play a lot with Barry Page and Tony Torres and that was a lot of fun. Towards the end of the year I got to practice a few months and play a few shows with Joel Waits, a really talented singer and multi-instrumentalist. Unfortunately, his plate is too full that will conclude tomorrow night in my debut at Trail House in Indian Trail. Talk about a place I’m looking forward to performing at. I even purchased a swank new PA Peavey Escort 6000 for the occasion. Things happen for a reason and I sort of hooked up with Joel almost by accident on the tail end of jamming with some dudes on Locust comprised of former members of Blak Saturn.

This is of course going to get it’s on entry once the premier has passed, but I got back to film making a little bit with Mutantville back in the December of 2017. It was a nice experience and I think produced a really cool Sci Fi Post Spoc Western. I’ll also share that film on my site once it;s had a proper debut. Thanks to help from some young friends I got a ton of behind the scenes making of footage which has already been archived online. I’ll share that as well.

Here’s a little sample of my performing with Joel. It’s all a little loose but promising I thought. Unfortunately, tomorrow night will be our last show together, at least for some time. He is a very talented fellow though. By the way, that song is a new cowrite between the two of us. Very nice. This is my first time really having any opportunity at all to write with someone in the room to bounce things off of. It makes a profound difference in my process and produces little differences that can really add up.

Faker from Brent Bowers on Vimeo.