With Blak Saturn, the old lineup., I'm on Guitar now.
With Blak Saturn, the old lineup. I’m on Guitar now.

I take a lot of guff from my buddy, Todd about playing in a cover band. Truth be told playing covers is not my thing. That said it allows me to play in front of a new crowd of people much more often than with my own band, Absolute Zero. While I don’t care as deeply for the covers as for my original material where I’m essentially telling my own story, I still strive to perform them to the best of my ever improving ability and THAT sharpens you.

I’m literally spending hours per week on GuitarTricks.com getting schooled on the precise way to play many of these songs just as the original artists. There’s no universe where this doesn’t make me a better player. It’s really about taking a broader view of music and always pushing to be a more professional player. That and making money to film my dream movie, Mother of Vampires.