Brento bringing the jams!

This weekend, I’m heading off to Durham, North Carolina where Nevermore film festival is putting me up in a sweet condo for the weekend. Our film, “Take That”, is showing and several of the cast and crew will be there to help me enjoy the fruits of our labor. It’s been a goal of mine to get one of my efforts accepted into the festival since, Jamie McRoberts’, “Scarecrow at Midnight,” played there a few years ago. We had such a good time that weekend that it’s something I’ve always wanted to duplicate with a film I directed. At last that is happening so Whoya! I anticipate one heck of a good time to be had by all. Summer is planning to tag along for this trip and I like the idea that she can be exposed to something positive coming from being a dreamer and just making something happen like a film, even when you have no budget. Hopefully she will be suitably impressed. We never get to do that much together so I’m glad for this opportunity include her in my favorite hobby. Check out the gallery below for a glimpse into some of what went into making, “Take That.”

Well the first two days off active production on my first feature lengthed script, Mother of Vampires is behind us now and while I can’t say that it went off without a hitch, I can say that between Robert, myself and the few who turned out to help on  the crew, we got her done. The footage looks great as is the norm coming from Robert being behind the camera.

In the “Bet You Never Thought This Would Happen” category, Blak Saturn has asked me to return as a guitar player to the reformed band. I guess they thought enough of my previous contributions on bass to consider me for filling a guitar role, guitar being my primary instrument. The guy who replaced me before on bass is a world class player and I hear great things about the new drummer as well. I’m excited for the challenge and look forward to at least 2 shows with them in March and perhaps more regular performances going forward. Anything that puts a guitar in my hands is a good thing.

I always plan to update my own site more regularly than I do. Though I’m sure I only have a few readers, distant family, or old classmates for example, I’d like to keep these posts more timely. I give up most of my blog time to with my weekly article, podcast and often Vlog as well. If you really want to hear from me on a weekly basis, be sure to pop over to and check out Johnny Brento’s JuJu each Wed. You can also pull up previous articles from the left menu on Mutantvile under Brento’s Budget Film Making and Johnny Brento’s JuJu. These are two weekly sources to keep tabs on Johnny Brento.