Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted here. I actually haven’t been posting anywhere all that much since dropping my weekly articles on Mutantville.com 2 or 3 weeks back. I got myself into the habit of producing a web comic and that has taken up loads of my free time but has been very fun and fulfilling artistically!wireframesI’ve done a quick theme revamp of the site and felt that the time had come to tiddy up around here. Unfortunately, just discovered that some change in the web hosts sql setup has destroyed my portfolio site. THAT is a bummer because I did in fact put a lot of work into that as it’s my professional face to prospective employers. I’ll have to give that some attention between now and the end of my contract in November of this year.

So, here’s how I’ll approach this catch up article. Minor news first and the really big news at the end. Here we go.

After our my first show on guitar with Blak Saturn was a bit of a disaster from the sound perspective, a series of canceled shows and practices that just didn’t really gel, convinced me that I should resign from that group and focus on my original music with Absolute Zero. There were other mitigating issues apart from my departure as I understand it, but it seems that it’s the end of the line for Blak Saturn unless something miraculous happens. There was some drama and I definitely have some not great memories from my time with the band, but mostly it was fun both playing bass and guitar from them since their genesis 2 summers ago. I’m grateful for those experiences and it definitely motivated me to focus even more on my original music.

Blak Saturn Preps the Show
Blak Saturn Preps the Show

Don’t hold me to this, but I think you’ll see the name Blak Saturn one more time as Neil will perform backed up by Dave Nardeli’s band, “The Wiseguys” at the fair this year. So that’s Blak Saturn in name only. After all the promises from last year and earlier this year, we (Absolute Zero) were actually NOT given a spot to perform. I’m not surprised in the least. Going back to my high school days the bands that got to play at the local fair have never seemed to make sense. Local acts generally don’t get any kind of in. I think Neil is running sound and they let him choose the bands this time around., hence BS getting a spot. Last year we have a few days notice and this year if get to play it will be as a last minute replacement. The FAIR folks don’t care for original rock apparently. They’re not alone. Business establishment in general prefer carp covers. My opinion.

BBiPhone 018So the musical focus has returned to Absolute Zero. We generally rehearse once or twice per week and lately our sound is getting tight. We played, “The Clay” in a such an inspired fashion last week that it literally gave me goosebumps! It was AWESOME! A beach gig and a wedding reception show are on the horizon. More to come on that later.

One of my dual 22 inch Samsung monitors, which I setup when we first moved into the Nutrition Store is dying. It now takes it about an hour to stop flashing when it powers up. For under $300, I’d say after 6 years I’ve gotten my moneys worth. Fortunately, I have it’s twin sitting in storage on my desk at home, a desk I never used. I’ve been delaying swapping them out, but I guess the time is today. Kind of sad.