You know, I guess if I don’t get someone excited about my photography, I’m not trying hard enough. Anywho, I’m going to keep this one real generic.

Disciple3D Proto T

Today, I got to hang out in a cool room with a bunch of cool musicians and dancers and watch a talented friend of mine rehearse for a professional gig. It actually would have been a super cool experience sans the boss getting a little huffy about my shooting a video (though in fact I was not shooting video.) You know if you hold a phone a certain way, it looks like you are shooting a video regardless so, bummer. On the up side of things I was reminded of the song, “Brick House,” for the first time in a long, long time.

We visited a few breweries to pass out some CD’s and look for potential gigs. Saw a cool trio with Buddha in their name getting largely ignored by a large crowd and instantly felt a kindship with them. It was literally drizzling rain on their expensive looking gear as the crowd was either too drunk or too disinterested otherwise to pay attention in the slightest. They did an original song while we were standing there to boot. Big Ups for that!

Charlotte, was cold today, but we covered some ground before it started to drizzle. I also got to eat some pretty fly sushi with said friend and hangout at his place the rest of the day including a brief jam. It was nice to get out of my head and just get away. We watched a couple of my films, “Take That – The Director’s Cut,” & “Buddy Row.” I got his cute little dog, Squiggy to finally let me pet him. He’s usually real standoffish.

I left early and came back late. Actually, this would have been a much cooler post if some other person hadn’t kind of killed the whole vibe by being really self agrandizing and obnoxious. It’s weird how crossing paths with a little bad mojo kind kind of throw your day off. It was one of those, It’s not what was said but how it was said kind of senarios. I just want to give the whole world a big old huge and say, “Be cool, Man. Just be cool!” Everyone needs to mind that golden rule. Hey, did I JUST write another new song?

When I got back to my desk I setup a scene for an overnight render of several camera angles on a new comic strip, “Captain Watson, Actually,” I’ll be kicking off soon as a for fun project.

It’s time to get back to writing. Buddy Row and Mother of Vampires are both screaming for a re-write.

In closing, I got to wear one of my prototype T shirts out and that was cool in itself.