“Now it’s time for a little braggadocio while I swing my arms like Ralph Macchio.”

This week I discovered Nerdcore rap thanks to a powerfully entertaining documentary called, “Nerdcore Rising.” I’m not sure that life can ever be the same. Netflix that film for a fun hour and a half.

Saturday, I finally began the long journey to make my first feature film by officially starting the script. Baby steps, but very well met! I’m glad to have at least started with the getting the first pages down. I’m not a particularly fast writer so this may take me a long as two months. I’ve spent amble time creating the story via mental notes. It’s always satisfying to see it down to a file. Something you can come back to and examine, tweak and caress. I can’t share the name or the concept today, but soon, soon mutants. I think everyone will cotton to the name of the film, which essentially reveals the high concept. Sorry to be so cryptic but that lesson was hard learned. I’ll share when it’s safe to share. Until then I must keep it secret and keep it safe.

Speaking of Tolkien, I was also able to check out Peter Jackon’s, “The Hobbit.” This weekend. I’ve seen some very whack reviews for this one in recent days about it being sluggish. I have no idea what film those reviewers saw. Personally, I thought it was excellent! The film looked like it lived in the LOTR world and ultimately met with my expectations nicely. I took Liam with me and of course he loved it as well.

Speaking of movies, I’m super excited to see “Django Unchained.” Be sure to check out Streebo’s early impressions after seeing an advanced screening. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while and will likely check it out on Christmas day when it opens.

Sunday was dedicated to family and final Christmas shopping. Nancee treated me to a variety of books from Books-A-Million. Apart from instructional writing materials, I rarely purchase actual printed materials, but in this case I made an impression. I needed something to drag along to Mad Monster Party with me this year to get some Walking Dead signatures so this TV show & comic companion seemed appropriate. I’m not big on spending on signatures but something tells me in decades to come, The Walking Dead will be viewed as something very special indeed.