Not actually a photo of the new group as I don't have any yet.
Not actually a photo of the new group as I don’t have any yet.

Last weekend I got together with Grant from our band of only a few weeks, Break By Sun and multi-instrumentalist, Brandon Almond. We’re putting together some very cool arrangements of my music featuring banjo and mandolin. Very cool and unexpected folk sounding. After this Saturday’s practice, I hope to have a video of the new lineup and sound. In the meantime check out Brad and I from an old school acoustic gig at the Prevue in the Noda arts district of Charlotte. 2009, WOW! Has it really been that long.

The song is Amelia, written originally for a Kim Corpening album that never materialize. I finally got it properly record and that can be found on my album, Faster, which can be found right here.