What a cool video shoot. Makeup artists flaked, the sun swapped dominance with the rain, non one brought sun screen and some of us whitey’s got burned a little bit, but did we ever capture some cool shots.
My crew was tiny, with Chantal unexpectedly showing up to help out and Jeremy double as the love interest in the video and production assistant behind the scenes. The whole day so so low pressure and fun, I think everyone just responded to the energy and we got some great footage.
The plan is to follow up this shoot with a band shoot on June 7th. Once I have that footage in hand, I should be able to button this whole thing up nicely. Here’s a video of some of the shots we got on the first day. Nothing properly edited here so be advised.

Life In My Life Day 1 Assembly from Brent Bowers on Vimeo.

From Another perspective.