Today we have evil socialists trying to steal the American election. There’s mass and very obvious voter fraud and I’ve got my doubts that the Judicial system can sort this mess out. It is quite depressing that we could have a real puppet who’s obviously incomplete in the White House.

This I do know, God is still in control. I just hope it’s not in his will to teach us a painful lesson about all we have taken for granted my entire life.

It is very apparent to me that big tech, social media and the media at large are complicit in this massive election meddling. To that end, I really need to get back to blogging on my own website more regularly as I am apt to be kick unceremoniously off of the liberal platforms!

Right now I’m only on Facebook for the easy photo galleries to manage all my images of my granddaughter which I’ve been able to sort by year.

But the way Facebook is heading with utter lopsided treatment of conservatism and Christianity, it may not turn out to be something I can tolerate by the time she is old enough to cate about those photos.

It’s a real pickle and raising her into a solid quality human who doesn’t support things like the murder of the unborn and also documenting her life is my primary focus now.

She’s my everything!