Stratford Village
Stratford Village

…..apparently. Took Nancee to Nawab in Winston Salem. Ate a bit too much to follow that up with hot tea and Truffles next door at Angelina’s Tea, by follow it up we did.

Angelina’s seems to, at least in my view continue to succeed despite itself. The owner-operator has just about the flattest personality I have ever encountered. Not rude, just not interested.

Nancee: We’d like a pot of Strawberry tea.

Tea Barristra (under his breath as he doesn’t look up and continues to play Warcraft: We don’t have pots.

So, let me get this straight, I am looking at 2 shelves of tea pots and you don’t have one.

Translation = He doesn’t want to step away from his video game. It took another round of requests to talk him out of two cups of tea.