Monday is here once again. This time there’s no new music video. Old Johnny B tried very hard to get the gang together this weekend, but as you might imagine everyone seems to have a lot going on. I’m still developing new material for a folk album and if I can’t assemble the musical avengers soon, I’ll be back to performing the songs solo for the weekly videos. It’s not as interesting for me, but at least I can share the material. Actually, I got the word this morning that one of the guys can’t make our previously scheduled Oct 5th studio date and since I’m committed to doing live recordings only this time, I’ve had to push that date out, which I hated to do.

Of course, with hundreds of performance videos posted to date, I’ve dug into the archive to share a tune I performed at the now defunct Prevue club in the Noda district of Charlotte. The song is called, “Amelia.” It’s actually on the Faster album, sang by Jodi Essex. This is my live version of the song.

Creech is back
Creech is back

When practice got canceled for Saturday, I got into a bit a render-a-thon this weekend. I did a few Poser compositions and ported this one to Reality just for fun. I feel like there’s so much art to be made, I do try my best not to waste any free time just playing video games or watching Netflix, though I occasionally do both.

I also spun out a new mini comic via Daz Studio on Sunday. I still need to put a few finishing touches on this one and of course resolve the little adventure. You can check out what I’ve got so far here. I also messed around with a bit of a Creech mini comic. Still definitely a work in progress.

I mentioned in a recent post that I got a small commission work to create cgi background for Heroes of the North. It looksl ike I’ll be working on some more of those for use in the actual mini-sodes for season two. This is a very cool web series which I hold in high regard. Most of season #1 is free to view on the site and I encourage everyone to check that out and if it’s up your alley, be sure to subscribe for season 2. The shows and the comics are just amazing. The illustration of the comics which fill in the back story are of such amazing quality and look as good as any I’ve seen. Very cool.

I tried to watch the Fightpass stream of Invicta 8 Saturday evening but wound up going home early in the evening before it started. I’d left the stream up and apparently there were technical difficulties. Sunday morning I received an email from the UFC apologizing for the problems and including a coupon for 10% off any PPV the rest of the year! Awesome! I’ll be using that. The email also announced a recast of the stream starting in the afternoon. So, I got to watch the card after all and the main event was, well, let me say completely main event worthy! It was a one sided schalacking via one of the most brutal rear leg round kicks I’ve ever seen. These Invicta women are just amazing athletes and it seems like virtually non of them play it safe….ever! It makes for some amazing fights. Since most of these ladies will end up in the UFC, it bodes well for the promotion. Women’s fights live up to the hype repeatedly.

Sunday evening I finally had the chance to catch up with a show I’ve recently gotten into on BBC America (Great channel, btw) called, “Intruders.” The show involves a class of people who are able to reincarnate themselves into new bodies repeatedly, but there is a caste system with lots of rules and shepherds, cool secret manuscripts and bad ass assassins to enforce the rules. It’s a very interesting story I must say.

I’m also up to speed on the new show featuring Sean Bean called, “Legends.” I think it’s gonna be a good one.

I am still waiting on my treadmill to be ready. We’re getting very close to the 1 month mark since I paid half the price down on it. I’m not going to get bent out of shape for them taking some more time to get it 100% perfect, but I am really ready to get my fitness program in gear. Hopefully that bad boy is ready soon!