Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad

It’s Saturday, March 26th. Today between 5 & 6 am, my father drew his last breath. It feels like something I need to write about. While we are all in a dark cloud of grief at the moment, I’d like to point out one thing. This is Dad’s Big day! He is with his maker now, beyond all pain and earthly care. In the last several weeks he said time and again he was ready to go. He didn’t fear death and was eager to go home. His faith was in the Lord was absolute and his prayer was to be healed or to go home. Anyway you look at it, his prayers were answered.

On the whole I believe that my dad lived a very good life. He was very charitable. In this life God gave him all he ever wanted. He was a true friend to many. To all who knew and will miss him, I’d give this advice, which is the same thing I’m telling myself right now, “Try to not be too sad.” This was a life well lived.

I’m sure I’ll write more on the subject and eventually deal with this in song, like I do most of the big moments of my life once I have had the time to grieve, process and reflect on the man that made my life what it is.

Thank you all kindly for the condolences. I know people always say this, but they really do mean a lot to me.

I’m always been moved by the Mike & The Mechanics song- The Living Years. It’s about a son loosing his father before he got a chance to tell him what he meant. Dad always wished to go in his sleep without warning and while he spent a month in decline, I am thankful for that time to give him my thanks. My last words to dad were, “I love you.” I think that’s apropo. So now “The Living Years,” is just another beautiful song and not a sad story of my own relationship with my father.

To my dad, (I won’t refer to him as “Dear Old Dad” anymore because I know he’s in a new body now,) I’ll say this. Thanks for everything you did for me. Thanks for the person you were and the person you helped to make me. Job well done! Until I see you again, Godspeed.