BrentoPlaysIt…..I’m a happy man and I’ve enjoyed everyone. It seems like something of an epic post is called for since I haven’t posted a thing since October 20. I’m scheduling this post for my 45th birthday, November 5th, 2014. Wow, October got by in a hurry. It seemed like Fall was especially slow in coming this year, but let me tell you, Friends, it pretty much happened on October 31st, almost as if waiting on the holiday. November the 1st was a dreary, cold rainy day. That didn’t stop my wife from insisting that I play outside the store under a tent for our annual fall event at Albemarle Nutrition. Another record year for our business, thank you very much to all of our supporters.

Yesterday I sat down with engineer/producer all around musical Yoda to discuss actually creating the new album I’ve written material for. The conversation very quickly turned to Del Rio Texas 1959 and Radney Fosters amazing Debut album which produced 5 singles on the country charts and 4 in the top 40, one even going to #2. Now, I love my album, “Faster,” but the one critic I could honestly place on it is that it’s a collection of songs, not a cohesive album. As far as seminal, amazingly cohesive albums go, I cannot think of a better example than Del Rio. Eddie drew some parallels for me between my music and Radneys’ in that the songs can sound somewhat country but the vocals lack the put on twang. No obviously, Foster is a country artist whereas I’m more of an Americana/ Southern rock stylist. Really though style comes down to the production. My songs could go any direction.

Right now we’re just kicking around albums and talking about a direction to decide upon. I do think we’ll approach this one in more of a live fashion. Perhaps Eddie will provide bass and find us a suitable drummer to rehearse with until we can track all the rhythms live. Making an album is a long road when you’re at my no budget level, but with time and what little money I can put on the project spent in the right spots we can once again make something very special.

I’ve been doing a LOT of aerial photography lately. Soon I’ll add a playlist in the Brento TV module to feature those on your right, but for now check out these recent videos.