Working Out Plans for The Weekend and Expanding my Vocabulary

Lots of commuting this week kind of threw me into a period of slight sleep deprivation. The alarm sounded yesterday morning at 5:00am as it always does, but for some reason I didn’t hear it. I did notice the OS updated overnight.  I supposed there is a chance that it never even sounded. In any […]

Blinded Eyes – As Performed by The Late Summer Trio

The final song from The Late Summer Trio for the week is a re-imagining of an old song from myself and Neil Mabry. It’s called, “Blinded Eyes.” We’ve given it the Americana Folk Treatment. Check out my custom painted Ibanez Nylon string guitar beautified by Vicky Galloway with some amazing painting. Yes, it’s the famous […]

Who Likes The Beatles Anyway?

The plan for The Late Summer Trio is to get our proverbial act together enough to play a few shows this fall. On that note we’ve started messing with a few covers you might have heard. Check out this George Harrison classic. It’s always a scary prospect to attempt such sacred music but we’re trying […]

FASTER Website & New Song Video Released

Instead of blowing out my weeks worth of readers, all 3 of them, in one day, I’ve decided to give it to you a little at a time over the course of the week so as not to blow your minds entirely. First up, the big news. I’ve got the website that is advertised on […]