Brent with a Blocky Background!
Brent with a Blocky Background!

Bill Shakespeare said it more eloquently, “To Thine own self be true.”

This weekend wore me completely out. Not because I did a lot but because, apart from driving, I was forced to do so little. There was lots of waiting for this or that in the car, waiting for Nancee to get out of class, and waiting for the hotel room to be ready for check in, too much waiting.

To hear Nancee tell it, a great time was had all around. She loved the place we ate dinner and it was pretty sweet, if a little pricey. She enjoyed being out of town and the constant engagement of her customers. I can see why this trip would be fun for her. Trying to be supportive, I don’t mind it so much. I just wish it could go the other way sometimes, like us going to a music convention or something.

I tried to entertain myself by shooting a small bit of video and a few photos.  Perhaps it will entertain you as well. I even recorded myself doing a few songs for the channel since the trio hasn’t gotten together in a few weeks. I’m having issue with my work machine, ANVIL, so until I can get that repaired I’m editing on the laptop which is not so beefy. I’ll try to get a few of those tunes out this week, but they won’t be as processed or fancy. In fact, the two I’m linking to in today’s post are %100 edited on the iPhone. That’s fun in its own right, but I cannot use multi-layer angles and such with the precision I prefer.

I shot a few of the songs with two angles simultaneously using my Canon 70D and the iPhone. I’m going try to get at least one properly edited video out of that. I had hoped to have The Late Summer
Trio in tow for this next round of album making, but with or without those musicians, I need to focus on making some hi fidelity demos of all the new material I’ve been turning out these days. I want to make some polished videos for these tunes.

I feel like pushing on with the Late Summer album at last. I had a bit of a setback when I started depending on others to keep me motivated. I am the engine that turns itself, but it chooses the uphill climb. Must create. Must CREATE!

If you care to see any of the photos I snapped over the weekend, here’s a little gallery.