Music Can Never Hurt
Music Can Never Hurt

What is it about going on a break from my IT contract that ALWAYS seems to coincide with someone in my family falling very ill or getting into some sort of health crisis? My contract with Wells Fargo ended last Friday February 26th 2016 and Saturday morning at 6:00 AM I got a call from my mom to come take Dad to the hospital. My first thought was, “of course.” Dad had recently been diagnosed with COPD and we thought this was related to that. A few weeks ago he had an episode of some sort where he couldn’t lift his left arm in the morning when he woke up. Despite my and really the whole families best efforts to convince him to go get checked out, he was determined to drive to Mexico and back before going to see Dr. Johnson.

As it was conveyed to me he got two different medications for his shortness of breath but they weren’t effective at doing much more than keeping him awake at night. All night. By Saturday morning he was extremely short of breath and I think truth be told in the throes of a pannic attack.

Anyways, he was ultimately admitted to Concord’s Northeast Medical Center. The word on the street and among medical professionals is the the hospital in Albemarle is not the best option for serious heart ailments. They saved Summer’s life, so I would never take part in disparaging them, but I understand that when you Dr. says something like, “if it was me, I’d go here,” that goes a long way to the person who’s actually in the medical emergency.

So, on Monday the Dr who spoke with Dad when I was there was at the end of a long shift and said he wasn’t sure if Dad was well enough to even have the needed surgery which is at least a triple and perhaps a quadruple bypass. This was a tough one to hear for Dad and for the rest of us but he took it in stride. He said he wasn’t fearful and I believe him. I was fearful though, because his breathing was very labored. You know when you have to wonder every time you leave if it’s the last time you’ll see your old man, it’s the worst.

On Tuesday Dad was definitely more like himself and the labored breathing wasn’t as bad. He’d gotten more color back. The Dr. came back when I was there. Dr. Christie by the way. Hope I’m not misspelling his name. He struck me as very smart and extremely personable. In fact all of the staff I’ve interacted with other there seemed very competent so that’s a relief. The Dr said that he had conferred with is Cardiologist partner and felt like Dad could handle the surgery. He did say that people in much worse condition had survived and recovered. That was a much needed shot in the arm.

Oh, when I arrived with ukulele in hand, one of the therapists was in with Dad so Liam and I stood by the door and I plunkered on my Uke a little bit waiting for them to finish up so we could go in. During this I heard Dad telling her about me, how I was never one to smoke or drink etc. That was a nice moment for me. Only in recent years has Dad really taken any interest in my music or the fact that for whatever reason, I came out of the womb an artist. Hey, not saying I’m a great artist, but art of one kind or another and that’s what I do.

So the plan as of today is that Dad will get his surgery sometime on Friday. I will update you all with the outcome as soon as the results are in. Your continued prayers are much appreciated. No matter how this works out, God is still in control.