News around these parts is usually posted on Monday’s in the pre-work meditation to get the coming influx of tasks into perspective. This week I break with the tradition and tell you of the hectic weekend ahead.

Tonight, I’m taking the opportunity to watch ParaNorman as that is the only time open to do so and I don’t want to miss it on the big screen. After the show I have to ferry my guitar amp and other gear over to Boomerang for Tommy O’Dell’s two services there this weekend.


Saturday morning at 9:00 am I’ll be at the Mad Doctor’s lab, preparing to take various castings for our “Take That” actress, Morgan Monnig. I’m still considering how to capture the pre-production work for supplemental material on the eventual screener DVD. I’m considering handling all this behind the scenes footage with my iPhone now that I can attach it to a tripod. You just need really good lighting when using it but the video is HD and quite nice. The shortfall is the audio recording but in the case of most of the BTS stuff, the audio is music or narrative overdub.

Sunday, church and Muticia’s Movie Morgue work with Streebo.

I’m in discussion now with some new folks about various musical projects. I hope to have some exciting things to announce soon. Also on that front, I’ll be back in the studio working on my 3 album, Pop Package within the next few weeks.

In summary, I’ve got my plate full and I thank The Good Lord for it.

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