IMG_4010It’s getting long between updates these days but that’s because there’s lots of projects afoot. I tend to neglect the personal blog when I get busy. I had a quick moment today and figured I’d fire off a late summer update.

Yesterday, I ordered the proof for my first solo album, Faster. If everything looks alright on the proof I will publish through Disc Makers and a limited number of the cd’s will be available. More importantly the album will be available on iTunes. It’s been a long haul, Folks, but I am happy with the results.

Absolute Zero has been working extremely hard in preparation for our first show in a while, that will take place at Keg and Cue on August 31st. While I realize that the pool haul environment isn’t for every listener, I will say that THAT room sounds really great! This time we’ll be bringing 2 other acts in support as well as fog and lights. Be sure to pop over the Absolute Zero fan page and accept or at least share the invite, if you wouldn’t mind. It’s definitely difficult getting any exposure being an original material band. It’s for this reason that most skilled bands sell out and become cover bands, strictly to get actual gigs. As for AZ, we could care less about the money when there is any. We simply want to share our music with new ears.

Next Saturday, we’ll beginning shooting footage for the second episode of Muticia’s Movie Morgue. This has been a long time coming and I am REALLY looking forward to this. The new intro is going to blow people away I have no doubts. Of course, Vanelle, Queen of the Universe will return in the seminole role of Muticia The Movie Goddess. She’s a goddess or a queen any way you slice it. The fans have spoken. This is our most successful project to date for Mutantville, so why not get everyone behind it and push on!

I’m about to start work on my new portfolio site. Yes, it’s getting close to the end of my current contract, which comes up November 25th, 2013. Have to get my resume out and about and an up to date portfolio always helps with that.

Lastly, when I saw what my lunch was packed in today, I was sure glad to see that my wife hadn’t lost her sense of humor.IMG_4018