I want to document the sheer serendipity that occurred when a young fella walked into our store about a month or so back and asked me about how one goes about recording with my friend Eddie Snugs at his studio. We talked for a few minutes about music when I realize that apart from being 25 years apart in age we did indeed have a quite a lot in common. I brought them upstairs to my create space and stood there for an hour showing them my film making clips and the deep crevasses of my original Youtube channel.

Before they had left I invited him to the recently started band’s practice that Sunday to play some keys.

Manly Hanley
Harrison Foreman aka Manly Hanley

That evening I visited his epic Manly Hanley Youtube channel and legitimately watch it for over an hour, barely scratching the surface.

Since then I’ve logged in often to better get to know this wild man force of nature that has entered my life. I’ve literally never encountered a 25 year, half my age that I have so much in common with. I’m talking generally interests, passion for music, taste in movies.

I’ve already looped him into my first official producing gig on Ansel Brown’s new record and he’s been a major contributing force to that.

You know, I had to let someone go recently who really proved themselves to not have my best interests at heart and a break a continuous cycle of (at the very least emotional abuse) from a person I considered a friend for 17 years. This was a person I only really had one or two interests in common with. God’s timing is always perfect.

You’ll be hearing more about this talented young man as the posts come I am sure. For now I am really grateful to be working with such a generally nice guy and talented musician. Working with people like this just makes me better.

Brent Bowers, Ansel Brown, Dave Harper, Harrison Foreman

God is great and I just wanted to post and express that.

Here’s a little something we put together last night. It’s only half finished so take it for what it is.