Uke Time

We’ve been gone no through a bit of a cold snap here in North Carolina. We even closed the store this Saturday. I don’t think that has happened more than a time or two in our ten year history.

The roads really aren’t too bad but the temperature has stayed down around freezing which is a little bit colder than our winters in recent years. If the forecast is to believed, it’ll be back up to 70 at the end of the week.

On the 3D art front, on a whim, I took advantage of some year end sales at Daz3D. One of the things I picked up a toon shape for the Genesis 3 figure. It’s lead to a bit of a cartoon slant on my renders. It’s been good fun to shift away from the more serious looking style.
The work on the Pfeiffer Documentary continues, I’m sure not as quickly as we’d all like.
I’ve accepted a new contract just 3 weeks after wrapping my last role creating just about the perfect Christmas vacation. It’s content development again and this time using Adobe Experience Manager. I’ll disclose more once the ink is dry, but I will say that this is an excellent Fortune 500 company I’ve wanted to work with for some time.
I feel my decision to start code school in the evenings is already proving a good one. Even though I’ll back amongst the gainfully employed and commuting several hours per day, I am really hungry for learning again. I feel determine to eventually move into the front end design workspace.
So far it’s a promising start to 2017!