1175214_164432193752281_2021464174_nOur friend Jamie McRoberts hosted the film festival this past weekend at the Mad Mobster Party and chose to show Buddy Row in the windy city. This one came as something of a surprise to me as the last time we spoke about Buddy Row he didn’t approve of the cut of the film we settled on and wanted his name removed from the credits.

I was a little surprised that he didn’t show his film, “Scarecrow At Midnight” as he has clearly touted it’s superiority to anything I could ever hope to write on many occasions. He said he thought Buddy Row was more sleazy and appropriate for the given audience and I guess I could see that. Anyways he came back with a report of where people laughed and what feedback they offered. Basialy the word I got was the all of Buddy’s jokes were a hit and all of Crazy Todd’s gaffs fell flat.

He then hit me with a bombshell. He thinks I should make more refinements and create another cut of the film. Well, another edit is really more like what it would be, fixing some minor timing issues. I don’t know. I have mixed feelings since none of the main characters could make themselves available for A.D.R. Do I really want to spend another 5 or 10 hours making a new cut with more tweaks? I’ll have to think about that and maybe look at doing it when I’m between contracts again.

Oooo Weeeee!
Oooo Weeeee!

I think that the real magic of Buddy Row lies in the fact that it even got made at all with such a volatile cast and minuscule budget. The main actors are all people who live on and off the grid at times. Social Mavericks if you will. It’s a little slice of memory lane I will cherish, but I think I have new films to make now. Perhaps I’ll get to feeling nostalgic and polish this one a little more at a later date.

I am really happy that it got shown to audiences in the Windy City. That is most cool!

This movie was hella fun to make. I’m glad we were able to create it. I make no claims other than to say if you like a sleazy slasher, this is one with an instantly iconic killer and we througj the kicthen sink at the final girl! Check it out if you haven’t.