What can I possibly say about January 29th to fully express how truly epic of a day it was? I was out the door around 7:30 to explore the new dusting of snow and I took my camera shooting 4 HDRI image cycles before Nancee and Liam even hit the ground. While it can annoy me to wait for everyone to get ready, not this time!

After dropping them at the store I popped over to the nearby cemetery with plans to shoot more setups. As I got out of the vehicle I a woman walking a large Pitbull called out to me telling me that her dog thought I was her friend and would I mind if she let it run over to me to see that I was not in fact said friend. I responded in the affirmative and had a nice interaction with a very friendly dog who just happened to be named, “Cooper,” same as my own big dog. I love how snow makes dogs act. They are like children on Christmas morning.

Afterwards, I spent close to an hour out there shooting five HDRI source setups. I went back to the store to prep for our performances planned to start around 11 am. We actually started around 1. We did however lay the jams down to an appreciative audience. It was kind of awesome. I haven’t had that much music fun in ages.

We ended the epic day with Lobster sandwiches from the vendor that came and served up some tasty awesomeness to the whole neighborhood. Band newcomer Zak actually brought some friends whom I invited upstairs on the break to enjoy a little arcade action.

I grow tired of dealing with copyright strikes on Youtube so check out playlist of the originals we played during the various sets. It was a lot of fun. This was indeed technically our first out. We’re scheduled to play at Loafers and Legends in Badin this Saturday night. Come see us!