Brent Bowers
From The Family Fiend Shoot

Firstly, I’m resurrecting the blog site because from time to time there’s something I want to say about what’s going on in the world of Brent that’s not appropriate for where I do most of my posting. Gui Design and Freelance work has been good to me lately so I’m lessening my focus on getting a new job back in my old (Financial World) design field. If the right spot comes along I’d be happy to go back to that corporate world and the commute. To that end, I’ve decided to create a landing page and allow for the portfolio site to be an option instead of the default destination.

The good Lord knows that the subject of my Mom’s accident and my wife’s burn injury have been cover thoroughly on my FaceBook wall so I’ll refrain from drudging through all that here. Suffice to say that I’m glad that it’s behind me and look forward to a much much better year in 2012.

I’ve started playing with a few new music outfits, primarily Blak Saturn, a party time cover band. This is both my first experience doing exclusively covers and also filling the roll of bass player. So buddies of mine needed a bass player to have the pre-requisite for a rock outfit and invited me to fill the spot. I was told that I beat out 2 other applicants for the role and considering I’ve never seriously focused on the bass, I felt good about that. At present I spend hours per week learning not just to play these songs but to do them justice on the bass.

Brent plays Bass
Peforming with Blak Saturn at OneMor Bar & Grill in Concord, NC

For a part time job that actually pays a little something, this one has been a fun one. I think if the band holds for a year or more with the current talent in the group, we could certainly be one of the best in the region. The experience thus far has been relatively low on drama and high on fun. I hope that it can continue for a while. I enjoy growing my skills and becoming a more well rounded musician.

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